janata bank eo exam question soluation 2017

janata bank eo exam question soluation 2017

Janata i Bank Limited is one of the Largest Government Bank of Bangladesh. Janata Bank recruiting processes are following three steps such as MCQ Exam, Written Exam and Viva voice. For this reason I have taken decision Janata Bank Senior Officer, Officer, Officer (Cash) MCQ Exam very helpful of Janata Bank exam applicant. I will published step by step Janata Bank Previous year question solve. The Bankers Selection Committee already take a decision of Janata Bank recruitment process are as Executive Officer (EO), Assistant Executive Officer (AEO), Assistant Executive Officer (AEO) Taller, Assistant Executive Officer- Rural Credit (AEO-RC) are face to three steep.

Janata Bank EO (GK Solution)
Spanish civil war = 1936
separation of Judiciary = 22
Shaquille O Neal = Basketball
Titanic sink = 1912
First astronaut to visit space twice = Gus grisson
US cancel GSP = 2013
Largest ethnic group = chakma
Capital Andrha prasesh = Amaravati
Islam Karimov = Ujbekistan
Governor of Reserve Bank India = Urjit Patel
language of quebec province = French
Dacca to Dhaka = 1982
Buriganga Eco park = Shampur
Olympic games hosted by Africa = Zero
Prodoshe prakitojon = Shawkat Ali
a 25 km long cause way connects Saudi = Bahrain
Mora ekti phulke Banchabo Bole juddho = Gobindo Halder
Mount Kilimanjaro = Tanjinia

Janata Bank Executive Officer Question Solve 2017

The Bankers Selection Committee already taken a decision next year Janata Bank will be recruiting total 2230 candidates recruit. Janata Bank present faces are recruiting total two thousand two hundred thirty (2230) candidates (Executive Officer (EO) – 834, Assist. Executive Officer (AEO)–464, Assist. Executive Officer-Teller (AEO-Teller) -536 and Assistant Executive officer Rural Credit (AEO-RC)–395 will be in different branches of Janata Bank. Janata Bank exam systems are as MCQ Exam, Written Exam and viva voice. MCQ exam 100 marks, written exam marks 200 exam duration time 2 hours.

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