Tamil Model Shriya Saran Recent Hot Photos

Shriya Saran is an Indian film actor. Shriya appeared in several music videos and has participated in the studio theater at the same time. Shriya debuted in 2001 Ishta. Telugu pulled viewers in the role of Bhanu in Santhosh in 2002, was his first success. There are many Telugu films when his entry into Bollywood and the Tamil film industry. Shriya has gained popularity nationwide Tamil superstar Rajnikanth after the other in in Sivaji The Boss.
Shriya was his first opportunity to take a camera when Shriya was offered a second year of study. It was a video called Kyon Hawa Reenu Tirakthi Nathan. The video, which popularized the Ramoji and offered his first role in the Ishta, Telugu films. Even before the publication of Ishta packed Shriya Santhosh, Nuvve Nuvve, Tagore and Reddy Chennakeshava all low-budget films opposite mega-top players.

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