Shirin Shila BD Hot Actress Latest Photos 2015 Collection With Simple Biography

 Shirin Shila is one of the newcomers in Bangladeshi Bangla Movie Industry. She is a known face to many Bangladeshi people for her appearance in Television Dramas. Now, she has modified her career and has acted in the big screen in some of the movies like Hitman, Mon Jane Na Moner Thikana, Miya Bibi Raji, Khoniker Bhalobasha, Probashi Don etc.

Shila wanted to be an actress from her childhood. She used to act in front of a mirror and learned to act in that natural way. She appeared in the television drama as a child artist, when she was in class 5. Her acting was so natural that everyone liked her. She acted in the mega serial Gulshan Aveue after that. She also acted in some more dramas like Hero Bonbala, Ronger Songsar, Ponditer Mela etc.

Thus, she got chance in the big screen and acted in the above-mentioned movies. Her first movie was Hitman with Shakib Khan & Apu Biswas. Thus, she is being a popular actress day by day.

Here are some of the beautiful photos of Shirin Shila BD Hot Actress Latest Photos 2015........

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