Mahfuz Joya Ruhee Hot Photos From Bangla Movie Zero Degree (2015) With Review

 Zero Degree is a Bangladeshi Bangla Action Film by famous director Animesh Aich. The film is produced by the famous actor Mahfuz Ahmed. He is also the hero of this commercial movie. There are two heroines in this movie: Joya Ahsan & Dilruba Yasmin Ruhee.

This is one of the rare commercial movies of Mahfuz Ahmed, who has always been busy in Television dramas in his career. Joya Ahsan has acted in some commercial movies in the recent past and became successful in those. Ruhee is also a newcomer in Bangla movie. So, the movie will be a big milestone for all of them.

Amit [Mahfuz Ahmed] & Nira [Dilruba Yasmin Ruhee] are couple with a son named Arko. Amit works in a telecommunication company and Nira works in an NGO. Nira used to go abroad for his office works. But, once Nira did not return from abroad. She informed Amit that she has married a new rock star there. Amit becomes depressed at this news.


Movie Name: Zero Degree
Release Date: 6th February, 2015
Producer: Mahfuz Ahmed
Production: Play House Production
Director: Animesh Aich
Cast: Mahfuz Ahmed, Joya Ahsan, DIlruba Yasmin Ruhee, Iftekhar Zayib, Mir Rabbi, Ronon Roy,  Tarik Anam Khan, Tele Samad, Iresh Zaker, Laila Hasan, Shirin Alam and many more.
Camera: Nehal Koreshi
Story & Dialogues: Animesh Aich
Shooting: Dhaka, Bangladesh & Singapore

 Mahfuz Joya Ruhee Hot Photos From Bangla Movie Zero Degree (2015) With Review

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