Dilruba Yasmin Ruhi Beautiful Bangladeshi Model & Actress Photos

Dilruba Yasmin Ruhi (also spelled as Dilruba Yarmeen Ruhee) is a Bangladeshi model and actress. She started her career as a model in 2006. Gradually, she developed herself as an actress and acted in a number of dramas and movies.

In her childhood, she wanted to become a doctor. But, she realized that it will be a boring profession and there is not much scope to express oneself. So, she changed her mind and started studying economics. She also become a fashion designer and started to design her own clothes from her childhood. She became graduated in 2009 from North South University.

She became a model for the TVCs of  Parasuit Coconut Oil, Grameenphone Xplore, Diamond World Jewelary, Elite Paint etc. She also became a model for Banglar Mela, Arong, Dressidel, Kay Kraft, Mayasir, Mantra etc.

 Dilruba Yasmin Ruhi Beautiful Bangladeshi Model & Actress Photos................

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