Bangladeshi Model Hot and Sexy Yamina Haque Boby With Body Measurement

Bobby was born in 1987 in Dhaka and now her age is 25. Boby’s height: 169cm, measurements: 36/26/36, Hair color: Deep Brown, Eye color: black, Shoe size: 8. She starts her media career as a ramp model. Boby was Bangladeshi super model on 2009. She was inspired by Miss Asia pacific 2011 world competition. Boby participates in the competition and completed successfully. This competition makes a good platform for Boby in media and she is very popular in her generation in Bangladesh. Now day, she performs a lot drama, tele-film, mega-serial and various magazines as a model. Her desire is she will be a great actress in dallywood and will make a better place for her. Recently she acted in the movie Dehorokhi with film actor Maruf and popular TV actor Anisur Rahman Milon. She has a cute face and sexy figure. See some of her hot and sexy photo shoot below:

Bangladeshi Model Hot and Sexy Yamina Haque Boby With Body Measurement..........

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