Actress Maria Chowdhury Unseen Sexy Photos Collection (20 Images)

Maria Chowdhury is a new face in the movie industry of Bangladesh. She has got a beautiful face and a nice smile. Moreover, she is prepared for acting, which is her dream. So, it is a matter of time for her success. Meanwhile, she has signed her first movie named “Obola Nari-Wao Baby Wao“. The movie will be directed by Sohanur Rahman Sohan, who lastly directed “Lobhe Paap, Pape Mrittu” in 2014.

Maria’s father is an army person. She grew up in Ibrahimpur, Dhaka. She is currently studying HSC in Shahid Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls’ School and College. She is good at dancing from her childhood. She also participated in many dance competitions in different TV Channels.

 Actress Maria Chowdhury Unseen Sexy Photos Collection (20 Images)................

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