Salma Khatun-Bangladeshi Top Female Cricketer Photos With Short Biography

 Salma Khatun is currently the number one all-rounder in T20 Women’s Cricket. She plays cricket for the Bangladesh National Women’s Cricket Team. She is also the captain of the team. This right arm off-break bowler cum right-handed batter has become the number one all-rounder according to the recently published ICC Rankings.
Salma was born on October 1, 1990 in Khulna, Bangladesh. She loved to play cricket from her childhood. She often played cricket whenever she got time. Her maternal uncles played cricket in different villages. She went with them and watched them how they play this game. Thus, an affection for cricket grew inside her. Her family also supported her at that time. But, the neighbours teased her for playing such a “boy game”.
Cricket was a popular sport at that time. Bangladesh Men’s Team got the ODI and Test status at that time. Still, people in Bangladesh thought that, women should not play it. But, Salma broke that belief and continued playing cricket. She had no coach. All the skills, she learnt were through complete devotion and hard work.
In 2006, a search program was made throughout Bangladesh for women’s cricket team. Salma was picked for the Khulna division. She played an extraordinary century knock and soon came into limelight. After a few tournaments, she got the chance in the Bangladesh Women’s National Cricket Team She was the captain of her village cricket team. Due to her ability, she was also named the captain of the Bangladesh Women’s National Cricket Team.
She won many matches for Bangladesh single-handedly, with little contributions of her teammates. Thus, the top place for the ICC Rankings T20 goes to Salma Khatun.

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