Naila Nayem-Bangladeshi Sexy Model Latest Photos 2015

 The women of the Bangladesh progressed much last four decades. Gender, religion's sake, try them with the braking, but the success of women in various fields is shown. However, the advancement of women in the model Naila Nayem added a different direction.Though there are many critisim aginst her for her drassing.

Recently, a few pictures of her wearing bikinis and lingerie has made a strong reaction on Facebook. Naila nayem dresses her with the clothes those are usually not seen with other Bangladeshi model.
Bangladeshi model Naila Nayem photos and biography

Many photos of Nayla was so naked those was posted by her own. For these she has been criticized by various people. Naila, however, doesn't care this . She said, ' Many people do not simply take the issue being criticized and some may have. But many of these have praised same things."

Naila Nayem is so much popular for her social media profile pages. She was the highest searchable word last 2014. She is the most popular person in social media from Bangladesh. Specially Nayla Nayem official Facebook fan page give him much popularity. Everyday her social media fans are increasing.

Naila Nayem was born on 14 December in 1995 in Barisal in Bangladesh. She started her career with ramp modeling. She is also a good dentist and continues it. Besides modeling she was working in TV programs. She also acted in Bangla drama named "Ghat Babu Nitai Candra" in 2013 which was based by the great novel " Ghat Babu" written by Sunil Gangopahya. But she got the chance to established her acting career by her first working movie " Run Out". In this film Naila Nayem performed a item song and she came in focus in the media. After, she worked a film named "Maruf Taka Dhorena".

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