Most Wonderful Desire Moments In Every Person’s Life

Human life is full of moments. Some of them are wonderful and some are full of sorrow. In your life, you have already spent some moments of happiness. Many more such moments will come in the near future. So, let’s make a list of the wonderful moments in our lives:

10. Buying Your Own House: When you buy your own house or finish making your own house, that moment is a special moment for you.

9. Your First Kiss: Kissing your boyfriend/girlfriend for the first time is a memory that will never fade out. This moment is very special for both persons. So, this very moment is at the 10th position in this list.

8. Your First Successful Propose: If you propose to anyone and he/she accepts, the very moment will be never fade out from your memory. This is another happy moment in everyone’s life.

7. Getting Your First Job: The first job is the best of all. As it comes as a fresh and new experience to all. The moment, when you got your first job will be always a special moment in your life.

6. Your Graduation Day: When you got your result and complete the graduation, it was one of the best moments in your life.

5. Making Your Parents Proud Of You: When your parents says, they are proud of you, that very moment is one of the best moment for anyone’s life.

4. Hearing The First Word Of Your Child: When your child will learn to speak, and will call you mom/dad, that moment will never be compared to any other ones. This is a great feeling for all parents.

3. Listening About Your Child’s Success: When your son/daughter will be succeeded in school, college and job, you will feel a special type of happiness inside you.

2. Your Wedding: Wedding is always special in anyone’s life. This happy occasion comes once in life usually. You will start a new life with your life partner through this occasion. So, it is a great moment for you.

1.. The Birth Of Your First Child: Everyone dreams for his/her own child. When you will give birth to a child or listen the news of birth, it will be the best moment of your life.

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