Bangladeshi Actress Nijhum Rubina's Hot HD Photos With Short Biography

 Nijhum Rubina is one of the modern generation models and actresses in Bangladesh. She is beautiful and can act naturally. These two virtue made her popular in a few days among the new generation.

Nijhum first came into media as the model of Grameenphone in 2008. People liked her and thus she got the opportunity to do some other TVCs like Coffee Cup Chocolate, Sharif Melamine, Ranga Pori Mehendi and Ranga Pori Hair Oil.

Nijhum always wanted to be an actress. She got the opportunity of acting in the movie Kristir Jala, directed by Noor Mohammad. In this movie, Apon Chowdhury was her co-artist. But, she drew the attention of the whole Bangladesh with the second movie Er Beshi Bhalobasha Jay Na in 2013. Jakir Hosssain Raju was the director and Symon Sadik was the co-artist in this movie. The movie turned the direction of Rubina’s career.
She has another movie named Ek Mutho Shopno in which her co-artist is Kayes Arju.

Nijhum says, “My dream came true with the acting in these films. I have tried to give my 100% in these films. I hope, I can go a long way in this industry.”

Here are some of the beautiful and gorgeous HD Photo Wallpapers of model and actress Nijhum Rubina

Bangladeshi Actress Nijhum Rubina's Hot HD Photos,Images..............

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