Naznin Akter Happy Bangladeshi Model Actress Images (20 Pics)

Naznin Akter Happy is one of the newcomers in Bangladeshi Bangla Movie Industry. She acted in her debut movie Kichu Asha Kichu Bhalobasha with actor Avi  in 2013. But, she was not in a leading role as Ferdous, Moushumi and Shabnur were the main stars of that movie. Happy came into limelight through her first movie although. People liked the talent and beauty in her and appreciated her greatly. Thus, she got chance in some of the TV Commercials and movies.

Naznin Akter Happy was born in Khulna. Her dream was to become an actress from her childhood. She learnt singing and dancing in her childhood. Her family did not like it and rebuked her a lot in her childhood. But, she did not give up. She was in her track overcoming all those obstacles.

She got help from actress Moushumi and Shabnur, two of her favourite actresses for coming into media. Her long cherished dream came true with the release of her first movie.

Naznin Akter Happy is currently acting in the movie Realman by director Bodrul Amin. 70% of the shooting has been completed of this movie.

Naznin Akter Happy is also working in the film Annorokom by director Mejbah Shikdar. The shooting of this movie was started in 9th September. In this movie, her co-actor is Sabbir Hasan Likhon.

Regarding the movie Annorokom, Happy says, “The story of the movie is a bit different than other movies. So, I agreed to do this job when I got the proposal. The shooting is going on in different beautiful locations in Bangladesh. I hope, I can give my 100% in this movie.”

Happy recently filed a case against the Bangladesh National Team cricketer Rubel Hossain. The pacer is accaused of doing physical relationship with Happy by promising to marry her later. But, now Rubel is denying this promise and having relationship with some other girls.

Rubel is currently in the 30 member list for the World Cup 2015. If he is proved guilty, he may get punishment from BCB, which may hamper his career a lot. The case is under investigation currently. So, nobody can say who is sayig truth and who is guilty.

Similarly, Happy will also be affected in her career if she is proved to file a false case against Rubel.

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