Model and TV Host Maria Noor Acting in Anjan Datta’s Upcoming Movie

Bangladeshi Model and TV Host Maria Noor is going act in Anjan Datta’s upcoming bangla movie.Anjon Datta came to Dhaka to perform in a program the day after Eid. He informed at that time that he will direct and act in a Bangladeshi film named ‘Mon Baksho’. The script, conversation and songs of the movie are written by Tushar Abdullah. The shooting will take place from the coming November.

Anjon Datta has come to Dhaka again to develop the work of the movie further. Model and TV Host Maria Noor has been offered to act in the main female character of the movie. Maria got familiarity through R J in Radio, Television program, presenting and modeling.

Model and TV Host Maria Noor met with Anjon Datta in the evening of 26th of August. But she has not yet given her consent about acting in the movie. Maria said, “I’ve talked with Dada. He said he came to like me after discussion and asked me to perform in the movie. But I’m still thinking about it.”

Model and TV Host Maria Noor also said, “I’ve said always that I’ve no interest for films. I’m not even sure whether I’ll be regular in acting or not. But it is none but Anjon Datta and the story is also excellent. So I’m taking it quite seriously. The production house also said that they will be pleased if I’ll perform in here. I’ve informed that I’ll soon let them know my decision.”

It is noted that it is first work of Anjon Datta in Bangladeshi film. The music of the movie will direct by Neel Datta. The movie is said to be released in 2015.

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