5 Tips To Know If You Are Pregnant Or Not

It is difficult to know whether you are pregnant or not in the very early stage. Most women can’t detect their first pregnancy for at least 2 months. But, it is important to know whether you are pregnant or not within this 2 months. As, there are many risk factors which should be taken into consideration during the first trimester of pregnancy. So, you should know some early symptoms of pregnancy for self-diagnosis. Here are 7 of those:

1. Morning Sickness: Though the name suggests it should be present at the morning, but it can be present all the day. It includes some vague symptoms like vomiting, vertigo, weakness and loss of temper. These occur because of the sudden changes in the hormone levels in your body. Some women can’t differ their symptoms as they are malnourished and weak for several years before pregnancy. But, the weakness of pregnancy has a specific pattern. You will feel sleepy all the day. You will loss power of your joints. These small things will help you to diagnose yourself as a case of pregnancy at the very beginning.

2. Absence Of Menstruation: This one is known by most women. Usually, menstruation occurs after 28 days in a normal woman. Some women have shorter or longer cycles. Some women may experience menstruation after 3-6 months also. But, If your cycle is regular and is missed once, you may keep pregnancy as one of the first line diagnosis of this symptom.

3. Frequent Micturition: In pregnant women, the uterus become enlarged. So, it compresses the adjacent urinary bladder and thus causes frequent micturition. The amount of fluid also increases in a women during pregnancy.

4. Desire Of Special Types Of Foods: In the early stage of pregnancy, women vomit frequently. Thus they develop anorexia for common foods. They can’t even tolerate the smell of those foods. Rather, they develop strong desire for some special types of foods. For an example, most women like to eat sour foods during pregnancy. They become so addicted to it that they become angry if they do not get it in time.

5. Enlarged Breast and Mastalgia: Breasts undergo changes in shape and size due to change in hormone levels. The breast tissues are increased and there is also increased blood flow. So, pain is felt in the breasts, which is known as mastalgia.

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