Various HQ Photos of Bangladeshi Brides in Red Saree At Bridal Moments

    Wedding is the most important life changing event in a woman’s life. In South East Asia, it is more so than in the Western world. A Bride is expected to make many life changes like moving out of her parent’s home and moving in with her new in-laws. Despite all the hardship or rather life changes involved in marriages, girls grow up dreaming about their big day, the day that they will marry their prince. A Bangladeshi wedding has many rituals. First there is an engagement ceremony followed by holud (turmeric evening) and mehendi (henna decoration ceremony) and finally there is the big wedding evening. Some families have a further event called the reception which is thrown by the groom’s side. It takes months of preparation to have a perfect wedding and all the hard work is undertaken for creating those priceless wedding memories which are then captured for eternity by wedding photographers.

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