Top Bangladeshi Model & News Presenter Farhana Nisho's Latest Hot Photos Gallery 2014-2015 With Short Biography

Farhana Akhter Nisho (Popularly known as Farhana Nisho) is one of the best news presenter, actress and model from Bangladesh. She is a beautiful woman with a lot of talents. She likes to present news more than anything else. There are many people who turn on television just for watching her presenting news! So she is a popular model in Bangladesh.

Nisho was born in Tangail, Bangladesh and grew up with the dream of being a news presenter. Her father was a news listener at that time. He wanted Nisho to build her career as a news presenter from that time. At that time, there was a famous news presenter named Farhana. So, Nisho’s father named her Farhana Akhter Nisho.

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