Silaayi Eid Collection 2014-2015 With Formal Embroidered Festive Dresses

The word silaayi / Siali/ Sillai / Silaie / سلائی  is the most common word in Pakistan and Indian Culture, its actual meaning is, Stitch (stitching of cloth). And that is why Silaayi is the most common and famous brand in Pakistan. But it is not because of its name, the main reason of fame is its designer dresses. The embroidered work of Silaayi is dazzling and unique. Silaayi has already introduced its Eid Collection 2014 and recently Brand Silaayi has launched its Second edition of Eid Collection 2014 for this special festival, in limited varieties. You will find out the elegant formal embroidery work at this collection. So have a look at this brilliant Silaayi Eid Collection 2014-2015. Hope you will like it.

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