BD Hot model and actress Nafisa Jahan Unseen Photos With Short Biography

Bangladeshi Model Nafisa Jahan is very well known face in Bangladesh media. Bd Model Nafisa Jahan many days does not involve the modeling . Recently, the firing on Uttra . The name of television drama , the evaluator observed . This is a one-hour drama. His remarkable drama is not a problem , Ojana gontobbo to valovha , purpose in life , etc. Nafisa Jahan is occupied by the television drama . Ai However, recently it has been in talks with a company for modeling . Nafisa Jahan said I love acting and modeling . But I'm a good actress , not now. I am also trying to better performance . Nafisa Jahan is the most beautiful and brilliant actress in the country, but first he wants to study his career. She starts in the theater industry with modeling, but now she is the actress in the land challenging. She left her glorious presentation in several TV series and serial  .

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