Mexican Hottest Weather Presenter Girls Ever Sugey Abrego Photos With Short Biography

Sugey Abrego was born on December 31, 1978 in the city of Veracruz , Veracruz. After studying acting at the Center for Artistic Education CEA of Televisa , this bellisima actress and made ??her television debut in Women program , cases of real life , which has acted on several occasions. He has also participated in Barrera de Amor 2005 , Dreams and Sweets 2005 and Distilling Love 2007 telenovelas. In the latter plays the role of Nancy , the sympathetic friend of The Seagull , a role which won the admiration of the male audience with its breathtaking beauty . In 2008 acts in the La Rosa de Guadalupe program , starring the unit Chapter One plus one is two. That same year he joined the program in The Morning Express leading the Climate Express section , presenting the weather news team . It measures 1.60 meters . and her measurements are 90-60-92 and in his tastes are going to the movies, mountain biking and salsa dancing. In 2009 his career Sugey blunts and becomes a star after getting a chance to drive the variety show De Little and after appearing on the cover of magazines such as H , Maxim, TvNotas , TVyNovelas and Record , becoming one of the most desirable women of Mexican and are proving to be one of the more famous in future in the world of Latin show.

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