Hollywood Actress and Model Aly Michalka Latest Photos Collection

 Aly plays several roles such as an Actress, songwriter, singer, model, and guitarist. She was performing as Keely Teslow in the television series of Phil of the Future, which was telecast in the Disney Channel. It gave her much of recognition in the field of acting.

Other performance of her  in Hellcats, the CW television drama as Marti Perkins, playing a role as Taylor Callum in Cow Belles in the Disney Channel Original Movie, played in the film of  Easy A which received nomination for Golden Globe award as Rhiannon Abernathy also contributed much in her acting career .

Her collaboration with her sister AJ Michalka in musical performance made her known to the music through the musical duo 78violet. Both worked together and were able to release their first album named as ‘Into the Rush’ on 16th of August 2005. In addition, they released several other albums such as ‘ Acoustic Hearts of Winter’ in September 2006, ‘Insomniatic’ in July 2007, and ‘Hothouse’ in 2013.

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