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 Personal Profile: Ashley Benson
OccupationActress, Model
Date of BirthDecember 18, 1989
Birth PlaceAnaheim, California, United States
EducationNot Known
FatherJeff Benson
MotherShannon Harte

Actress Ashley started to engage in dancing singing at her childhood. When she was two years, she participated in dancing competitions and she was able to dance different types of dances such as hip-hop, ballet, jazz, lyrical, and tap. When she introduced her via acting performance, she also began singing at her age of five.

She started modeling for dance catalogs at her age of five. As she developed her modelling role, she was able to work for The Ford Modeling Agency when she attained eight years old.

She has been performed steadily in print productions and still she is working for the Agency. When she was ten, she had done around 35 commercials, and later on, Ashley got opportunity to play on to theatrical roles as well. Now, acting has become her passion.

As Ashley mainly concentrated onto acting, she was not in a position to continue to perform her roles in modeling and dancing. Her very recent acting role in television series is ‘Hanna Marin’ on ABC in the name of Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

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