Hollywood Sexy Actress Natalie Portman Hot Photos

 Natalie Portman started to work on films and her initial appearing was in Léon: the Professional in 1994. While she was performing in cinema industry, she wanted to study psychology, this made her to enroll her with the University of Harvard  and she successfully completed her degree in the year of 2003.
Apart from the contribution she has been made to the cinema industry, Portman has become an advocator for the rights of animal. Since her childhood, she has been interested in vegetarian and in 2009; she fully made her a vegan .The book that was written by Jonathan Safran Foer in regard to Eating Animals, somehow convinced her to take decision to become vegan. Portman even not wearing animal wear feathers and leather. She wants to promote the brand of her own of vegan footwear as she loves animal much.

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