Cute Hasin Rawsan Jahan Bangladeshi Hot & Attractive Model Actress Celebrity Latest Photos,Images,Pictures

Hasin Rawsan Jahan  is a hot celebrity in Bangladeshi Media sector.The crown of top model went to Hasin Rawsan Jahan. A student of History Department in Dhaka University, Hasin is from Rajshahi. She was presented with a cash prize for Tk 0.5 million. Sanjida Islam Taha secured the second place and the third place went to“I thank Veet and Channel i for organising the event which provided me with a platform to come into limelight. I also thank my family members and the audience for supporting me throughout the event,” said Hasin while sharing her feelings on winning the contest. Hasin will represent Bangladesh internationally as the Veet-Channel i Top Model 2011.

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